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Adjusting software is the most easy part of it all. You don't need anyone to go out and buy you something or work things out for you in the workshop. Everybody can solve things out in front of their screen. It's more a matter of knowing, which programme can do the job for you.

When I work with a new computer, the mouse-cursor is the first thing I change. Otherwise, I always lose the location of the mouse. I have to look for it on the screen, before I can continue my work. That's why I designed my own mouse cursor.

(click on the image to download the cursor).

A time-winning programme is RoboForm. It fills out the fields when I have to log in, because it remembers data required and is able to place it, next time you log in.

RoboForm is also very useful for filling in bigger quantities of information (like adress- and payment-information) on internet pages. The program knows what is supposed to be where and fills out the information, by just one click.

The next two programmes use the Clipboard, a standard feature on every Windows-computer. Each time you copy some text (if you want to paste it in an other programme) you use this clipboard.

The information on the clipboard is very volatile. A new copy writes out the old one and re-starting the computer also deletes the text on the clipboard. These two programmes are working with these issues.

- Clipboard Express:
This clipboard utility is very useful. It's ideal to handle parts of text or code you frequently use. Just one click and that part is ready to be pasted somewhere.


- Clipboard Magic:
Clipboard Magic is a handy programme which stores all pieces you copy so there is no need for typing it again. You can set up the programme to automaticaly save as many boards you like to keep (for instance the last 100). The program is free so just try it.

But most frequently I use SofType, an on-screen keyboard. It uses word recognition so you can type faster. It's very handy when using a second screen, not blocking the view on other programs.

This costly program (in the Netherlands fortunately payed for by health-security) has one flaw. It's not able to make a sound every time you hit a keyboard-key. So I bought an extra program, called SoundPilot.

For every one of these programs counts: what is useful for me, surely is useful for healthy people!