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Pooing and peeing are the most tricky, annoying and sometimes embarrasing parts of being disabled. Often I wished my body was equipped with some taps...

To pee I use a condom catheter with a tube which is cut off a urine bag. Also make a hole in your pocket and lead the tube through it. By using this system, I don't have to wear a urine bag on me and I can simply put the tube in the loo or a bottle.

To poo I use a small chemical toilet. My shower-wheelchair fits right over it. Luckily the 'chemicals' are biodegradable, so the toilet can be emptied in the loo. Tip: lay an unvolded paper napkin in the toilet to avoid 'brake marks'.


Update July 12, 2005. I'm going to be even more intimate, because there is a big disadvantage to the system I developed with the condom and the tube.

I think it's because of the closable tube that pressure builds up in the condom and tube when I have to pee but am not yet at the right place (e.g. by my urinebottle in my bedroom). The condom usually can hold that pressure, but it pulls on my foreskin, making it a bit longer. I might need a circumsission!

It could be that the use of the condom itself is the cause, but I do not have any information of that (yet).

Because I will have to switch to a permanently connected system, this problem will not worsen. But it will be to late...