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How to find online webcams

A network camera (type of webcam) is a camera which is connected to a network and/or the internet. There is no need for a PC. The cam has a mini-PC in it-self! To put it better: it has electronics that behave like a PC. The camera can be easily accesed with an internet browser. The picture is usually placed in a web page...

And it's all about this page. When searching for words and sentences taken from such a page (with Google and Yahoo! or another search engine), you'll find a lot of cams.

The URLs and the titels (!) of these pages are also stored by search engines. Online user manuals of the cameras might tell you a lot with their pictures and illustrations too :)

On I found a lot of examples of network cameras.

See 'CamStrings' for the words and signs I used to find the cams.