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Crying is healthy. When you cry, certain processes take place in your brain, that can not take place in any other way. That's what someone once told me in an attempt to let me cry more easily (I'm a man and saw crying as a sign of weakness ofcourse).

Nowadays I still don't cry easily, but when I do I help myself by listening to certain music. Music that touches me. I don't always understand why. Sometimes it's the lyrics, sometimes the melody. So here's my whine list; to make you cry along.


  • Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos (in the category 'to the bone')

  • Yo mamma - Frank Zappa (it realy are the notes of the gitar solo that 'open the canals')

  • Helden - The Scene (Dutch; Helden=Heroes. This  song, used in a commercial by SIRE, struck me like lightning: "What's this, I've got to have it")

  • Nothingness - Living Colour (well...)

  • I would stay - Krezip

  • In the end - Linkin Park (warning: heavy guitar)

    Update March 28th, 2005. This movie clip might bring tears in your eyes. Of laughter that is. :) Unless you dislike cats. It does to me!


    (Mac users: see bee sting clip).

    Update July 23rd, 2005. Back to the serious work: the music. You do get to know yourself: what a lyrics...

  • Evanescence - My Immortal (I came across this song several times. And yes, it works)
  • Stained - Outside (this live-version is the best)
  • Anouk - Breakdown the walls (of the album 'Lost Tracks')
  • Update March 3rd, 2006. I almost forgotten these songs:

  • Rush - Losing it  (this is the song by which I discovered as a teenager that music could make me cry. With a electrical violin!)
  • Madonna - Frozen  (when the pub I live nearby used to play this song very loud, I could feel my stomach turn every time they played it ;) )
  • Update April 12, 2006. This clip is just as the CatClips, but now with dogs:


    Update July 23rd, 2006. Here is another 'tearjerker'. Again with cats. By these clips, I discovered I'm more of a catlover...