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  • Weatheronline: up-to-date weather info. When I go for a ride on my electric scooter, I always check their radar to check if any rain is coming my way. :)

  • Internet Movie Data Base: everything about movies, actors, directors, etc.
  •   Who said that when you're in a wheelchair with MS, you can not travel the world, or water-ski, or canoe? Check out this supercrip's site.

  • at last, a good program to make calls over the internet. The nice thing is: it works by P2P (i.e. Kazaa, etc)! Very suitable for intercontinental calls. Possibly use headphones to avoid echo on the other side of the line.
  • Beluga Cam: I think the people at the Vancouver Aquarium don't know this link works. It takes a while before the cam shows up and you might be asked to auto-install some software.


  • LivingAtlas: here you'll find a worldwide atlas with cams!