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Who doen't believe in the power of natural substances is a fool. Morphine (one of the most important painkillers) originally comes from the poppy-plant, penicilin is produced by a fungi, aspirin was found in the bark of the willowtree and the list goes on and on.

The beestings I use also do a good job for me. At least I get an energyboost for several days, in a nice and almost indetectable fashion. Which no other medicin does for me.

Every time, the big advantage is that the substances are  (usually) not harmful to the body because the chemistry of plants and animals is closer to our human biology. Funny, huh?

For years, I'm using Saint John's Wort (of the brand Optimax). And I don't dare to do without it. It took me out of the depression I came in when I realized that I had MS. My emotional world now has a strong base. I feel stronger than ever before.

Saint Johns Wort is also called 'natural Prozac'. It's so strong, you have to check if it intervenes with other medicines or substances you are using. 

But my preference goes to marijuana. It can relieve pain, stop glaucome and prevent nausea (for example in chemo therapy). Also people with MS can benefit from marijuana. It helps me mainly against spasms and muscle tension. And that spares me a lot of pain because spasms and muscle tension give pain in the muscles and joints.

I prefer THC (the most important ingredient of marijuana) over  other medicines, because it is not toxic. It is said that only 10,000 times the normal dosis is life-threatening. It's just mildly addictive (mentally) and the use is as harmful as the way you take it.

You can smoke it (joint, pipe), eat it (THC binds with animal fats) and nowadays vaporize it: the purest method: no fire so no smoke). If you want to know how to make a vaporizer from a regular light bulb, look here (unfortunately in Dutch, but if you have a good look at the pictures. :)

When I got MS, I had been smoking marijuana for ten years (since I was fifteen), so for me there was nothing new. The main side effect of medical marijuana (namely you get high) had been my goal for years. Lucky me.

Our little balcony is nice for growing a few plants. The 'medical' marijuana on the picture below would give us a nice harvest a few months later...