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You don't have to read this page. It's just a little experiment of mine. It contains all of the text of my site plus a list of common spelling errors. Let's see if it helps to increase the number of visitors to my site... ego document

Fine. So I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis, nerve disease). Primary progressive MS, the worst. In 1995 it started with my eyes, by now I'm sitting in a wheelchair and I don't expect to get out of it ever again. My hands and eyes are getting worse and worse. I'm screwed, big time! I do realise that life is still now. And if I want things to happen I have to make them happen myself. Therefor this site. My "fifteen minutes of fame". Rufus

Cure is in your head. The disease badly wounds your inner
self. You've got to find a way to heal yourself from that.
And to control the damage it does. At least, that's my
objective. It doesn't work all the time, but ok...
For the rest it's adjustments. Luckily my dad is very
skilful, and together we invent quite some things. Click on
a subject and have a look.
I hope to give you ideas!
Take some scaffolding tubes, weld some brackets on them and
mount the tubes on ceiling and wall. Possibly a TV set in
it, et voila: your own climbing frame :)
Pooing and peeing are the most tricky, annoying and
sometimes embarrasing parts of being disabled. Often I
wished my body was equipped with some taps...
To pee I use a condom catheter with a tube which is cut off
a urine bag. Also make a hole in your pocket and lead the
tube through it. By using this system, I don't have to wear
a urine bag on me and I can simply put the tube in the loo
or a bottle.
I lived on the second floor when I got MS. In a nice litlle
living community (4 persons) in the centre of town. With a
few big bumps to take if you wanted to drive in your
electric scooter. And I still do! Here's how:
I lived on the second floor when I got MS. In a nice litlle
living community (4 persons) in the centre of town. With a
few big bumps to take if you wanted to drive in your
electric scooter. And I still do! Here's how:
"What would you like to do?" they asked. "Ballooning" I
said. So my terrific co-workers of the Postbank Customer
Support arranged a flight. My boss and me into a basket,
with an office chair with extra high back and off we went.
August 2003 I started with bee sting therapy (apitherapy) in
an attempt to stop the MS. Wether it would work was a
question only time could tell...
To handle the bees and to administer the stings, I developed
an easy way: the Rufian method. It works, very simply, with
a transparent tube and two pins. The pins are jabbed through
the tube crosswise, 1/2 a feet (15 cm) from the end of the
tube. The pins form a simple fence in the tube, so a bee can
not pass. My tube is less than halve an inch thick (10mm)
and 2 feet long (60 cm).
To store bees I use a clear glass yar. In the lid of the jar
you can make a hole that fits the tube and small holes for
fresh air. On the big hole, mount a coin, which can be
shoved away sideways to open it.

Suck up a bee with the tube, head first. Press the end of
the tube to prevent the bee from crawling out. Place the
tube on the skin and blow, not too hard. Usually the bee
stings right away, sometimes you have to retry. Sometimes
the bee stings in the tube. When the bee has stung, suck it
up and blow it out in an other yar or open air. Also see
movie clip (1MB, no sound). Mac-users need the Windows Media
Player-plugin (this one for Mac and this one for Mac OSX).
In my childhood I've kept bees, so it hurts a bit when the
bees die after they have stung. But it's their life or
Update January 19th, 2004: after two interruptions (the
first for my half-year's Prednison-treatment, the second
because I ran out of bees) I continued with the bee stings.
For one thing is clear: you get lots of energy from it. And
twenty stings is too much or me, it made me too jumpy. I
take about twelve, three times a week.
Another discovery is that the alcohol in the pads I use to
desinfect the skin, help to make the bees sting quicker. The
smell of alcohol seems to irritate them. I discovered this
when I forgot to clean the skin and bees would not sting
that well.
Update july 15, 2004: I'm getting more and more convinced of
the positive effects of the beestings. The MS (in my case
PPMS) is not completely stopped, but it's course seems to be
slowed down. That is a biased observation, but the energy
and strength you get from it is beyond doubt: you can feel
that! Since I discovered the difference in beesting venom,
I'm confinced I'm on the right track.
Here's what happened:
Due to circumstances I had to use another colony of bees
(most likely of the race 'Buckfast'). These bees indeed have
a different colourscheme/drawing on the back of their body.
(this is how one can tell one bee race from the other). I
found beekeepers saying “a sting is a sting” like there
wouldn’t be a diffence.
Not! Within a few days my condition worsened , very much
like the two times I stopped taking beestings: I grew more
tired, had a sense of “the MS is active” and I longed for
This had to have something to do with the new colony I was
I made my own experiment and took six stings from each
colony in each of my legs. The ‘Buckfast’ leg turned a
little red whilst the other leg was very red and blisters
appeared, just like it used to do. By now I only use the old
colony and I’m feeling a lot better.

(the difference in the position of the wings is accidental)
This expirement proved my expectations to be true: there is
a big difference in the toxicity of the venom. I knew that
the colouring said something about the behavior of the bee
(the yellower, the fiercer) but that it would have such an
influence in beesting therapy...
Many questions come to my mind:
- Is this the reason why people have different results with
Apitherapy (beesting therapy)?
- If one race is better then the other, which beerace is the
- Do they take this difference in account at the hospitals
of Den Helder and Groningen where they’re running apitherapy
tests? And do they all use the same?
- Which race do I actually use?

To be continued...

---- ------------------
Here are two pictures of me, when I was a beekeeper.
Three transporters I restored and drove. My great passion
when I was a teenager. Fun to drive to school and now and
than a cargo for someone moving...
A network camera is a camera which is linked to a network
and/or the internet. There is no need for a PC. The cam has
a mini-PC in it-self!
The camera can be easily accesed with an internet browser.
The camera image is usually placed in a certain web page...
And it's all about this page. When searching for words and
sentences taken from such a page (with Google and Yahoo! or
another search engine), you'll find a lot of cams.
The URLs and the titels (!) of these pages are also stored
by search engines. Online user manuals of the cameras might
tell you a lot with their pictures and illustrations too :)
On I found a lot of
examples of network cameras.
Just click the blue 'google' to do a search with the cam
Update Oktober 13, 2004: I found out how they call these
search strings: Google Hacks. I wasn't the first one. :)

Axis cameras:

"adding live video to one of your own pages a very easy task
with an AXIS 2100 Network Camera" 'google'

"Live view - / - AXIS" 'google'

"Your browser has JavaScript turned off.For the user
interface to work effectively" 'google'

indexFrame.html axis 'google'

"Live web imaging unleashed" 'google'

MOBOTIX cameras:

/control/userimage.html 'google'

JVC cameras:

"(c)copyright 1999-2003 VICTOR COMPANY OF JAPAN, LIMITED.
All rights reserved" 'google' (- finaly I got to know the
meaning of the letters in the brand name JVC :)

"V.Networks [Motion Picture(Java)" 'google'

"Control the Pan/Tilt and move to the Preset Position"

FlexWatch cameras:

/app/idxas.html 'google'

"Saving & Retrieving Mode" 'google'

TOSHIBA cameras (maybe you need Java):

"TOSHIBA Network Camera - User Login" 'google'

webcamXP (software):

"my webcamXP server!" 'google'

Panasonic cameras:

/ViewerFrame?Mode=Motion 'google '


Canon cameras:

sample/LvAppl/ 'google'

Sony cameras:

/home/homeJ.html 'google'
A friend, whom I met on the internet, invited me to come
over. So I went to Calgary, Canada. Beautiful
Crying is healthy. When you cry, certain processes take
place in your brain, that can not take place in any other
way. That's what someone once told me in an attempt to let
me cry more easily (I'm a man and saw crying as a sign of
weakness ofcourse).
Nowadays I still don't cry easily, but when I do I help
myself by listening to certain music. Music that touches me.
I don't always understand why. Sometimes it's the lyrics,
sometimes the melody. So here's my whine list; to make you
cry along.
Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos (in the category 'to the

Yo mamma - Frank Zappa (it realy are the notes of the gitar
solo that 'open the canals')

Helden - The Scene (Dutch; Helden=Heroes. This song, used
in a commercial by SIRE, struck me like lightning: "What's
this, I've got to have it")

Nothingness - Living Colour (well...)

I would stay - Krezip

In the end - Linkin Park (warning: heavy guitar)

Whatever comes to heart.
It's quite a hassle to put music on your site (it's
forbidden:), but I'll try to keep the links fresh.
For 7 years ('84/'91) I was an active member of Poster
Association Loesje. Sticking posters to walls and fences
with funny comments on everyday life. Once a year we made a
trip to an European capital to dress up their walls with our
texts. I've been to Paris, Berlin, Prague, Northern
Yugoslavia, Vienna and Copenhagen. In Prague I climbed on a
billboard to put up an enormous poster. The photograph made
it to one of the Loesje-booklets! That's how I could find
and scan the pic. I added some pictures of other happenings
For 7 years ('84/'91) I was an active member of Poster
Association Loesje. Sticking posters to walls and fences
with funny comments on everyday life. Once a year we made a
trip to an European capital to dress up their walls with our
texts. I've been to Paris, Berlin, Prague, Northern
Yugoslavia, Vienna and Copenhagen. In Prague I climbed on a
billboard to put up an enormous poster. The photograph made
it to one of the Loesje-booklets! That's how I could find
and scan the pic. I added some pictures of other happenings

Who doen't believe in the power of natural substances is a fool. Morphine (one of the most important painkillers) originally comes from the poppy-plant, penicilin is produced by a fungi, aspirin was found in the bark of the willowtree and the list goes on and on.

The beestings I use also do a good job for me. At least I get an energyboost for several days, in a nice and almost indetectable fashion. Which no other medicin does for me.

Every time, the big advantage is that there (usually) are no sideeffects because the chemistry of plants and animals is closer to our human biology. Funny, huh?

For years, I'm using Saint John's Wort (of the brand Optimax). And don't dare to do without it. It took me out of the depression I came in when I realized that I had MS. My emotional world now has a strong base. I feel stronger than ever before.

Saint Johns Wort is also called 'natural Prozac'. It's so strong, you have to check if it intervenes with other medicines or substances you are using. 

But my preference goes to marijuana. It can relieve pain, stop glaucome and prevent nausea (for example in chemo therapy). Also people with MS can benefit from marijuana. It helps me mainly against spasms and muscle tension. And that spares me a lot of pain because spasms and muscle tension give pain in the muscles and joints.

The big advantage of THC (most important ingredient of marijuana) compared to other medicines is, that it is not toxic. It is said that only 10,000 times the normal dosis is life-threatening. It's just mildly addictive (mentally) and the use is as harmful as the way you take it.

You can smoke it (joint, pipe), eat it (THC binds with animal fats) and nowadays vaporize it: the purest method: no fire so no smoke). If you want to know how to make a vaporizer from a regular lightbulb, look here (unfortunately in Dutch).

When I got MS, I had been smoking marijuana for ten years (since I was fifteen), so for me there was nothing new. The main side effect of medical marijuana (namely you get high) had been my goal for years. Lucky me.

Our little balcony is nice for growing a few plants. The 'medical' marijuana on the picture below would give us a nice harvest a few months later...

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Some time ago, I've been out to the isle of Texel with my
three house mates and two friends. We stayed in an adjusted
bungalow of the Triaan. A very comfortable weekend with lots
of fun.
Fine. So I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis, nerve disease).
Primary progressive too. In 1995 it started with my eyes, by
now I'm sitting in a wheelchair and I don't expect to get
out of it ever again. My hands and eyes are getting worse
and worse. I'm screwed, big time!
I do realise that life is still now. And if I want things to
happen I have to make them happen myself. Therefor this
site. My "fifteen minutes of fame".
Once I discovered how to find online webcams with the
searchengines of Google and Yahoo (here is how), I created
this list in a week. The hits kept coming and coming...
This list is also published on the website of Marcus van
Soest, the Powerpainter.

aberation aberration

abondon abandon

abondoned abandoned

abondons abandons

abondoning abandoning

abortificant abortifacient

abundancies abundances

abutts abuts

absense absence

absorbsion absorption

absorbtion absorption

acording according

accension accession or ascension

acceptible acceptable

accessable accessible

accidently accidentally

accomadate accommodate

accomadated accommodated

accomadates accommodates

accomadation accommodation

accomadations accomodations

accomadating accommodating

accomodate accommodate

accomodated accommodated

accomodates accommodates

accomodating accommodating

accomodation accommodation

accomodations accommodations

accompanyed accompanied

acclimitization acclimatization

accross across

accussed accused

acheive achieve

acheived achieved

acheivement achievement

acheivements achievements

acheives achieves

acheiving achieving

acheivment achievement

acheivments achievements

achievment achievement

achievments achievements

achive achieve, archive

achived achieved, archived

ackward awkward, backward

acomplish accomplish

acomplished accomplished

acomplishment accomplishment

acomplishments accomplishments

acquaintence acquaintance

acquaintences acquaintances

acquiantence acquaintance

acquiantences acquaintances

acquited acquitted

actualy actually

acuracy accuracy

acustom accustom

acustommed accustomed

adaption adaptation

adaptions adaptations

additinally additionally

addmission admission

addopt adopt

addopted adopted

addoptive adoptive

adecuate adequate

adhearing adhering

admendment amendment

adminstrate administrate

adminstration administration

adminstrative administrative

admissable admissible

admissability admissibility

adolecent adolescent

adquire acquire

adquired acquired

adquires acquires

adquiring acquiring

adres address

adress address

adressable addressable

adresable addressable

addres address, adders

addresable addressable

addresing addressing

adresing addressing

adressing addressing, dressing

advertisment advertisement

advertisments advertisements

adviced "advised" or "advice"--are we looking for a noun or verb?

aeriel aerial

aeriels aerials

afficionado aficionado

afficionados aficionados

affort afford, effort

aggreement agreement

agian again

agina "again" or "angina" or "vagina"

agravate aggravate

agre agree

agred agreed

agreing agreeing

agregate aggregate

agregates aggregates

agression aggression

agressive aggressive

agressively aggressively

agriculturalist agriculturist

agriculturalists agriculturists

agrieved aggrieved

ahev have

ahppen happen

ahve have

airbourne airborne

airporta airports

alchohol alcohol

alcoholical alcoholic

alege allege

aleged alleged

alegience allegiance

algebraical algebraic

algoritm algorithm

algoritms algorithms

alledge allege

alledged alleged

alledges alleges

allegience allegiance

alliviate alleviate

allopone allophone

allopones allophones

almsot almost

alomst almost

alot a lot, allot

alotted allotted

alreayd already

alsot also

altho although

althought although

altough although

alusion allusion, illusion

alwasy always

alwyas always

amature armature, amateur

amendmant amendment

amke make

amking making

ammend amend

ammendment amendment

amoung among

analagous analogous

analogeous analogous

analitic analytic

anbd and

androgenous androgynous

androgeny androgyny

anihilation annihilation

annoint anoint

annointed anointed

annointing anointing

annoints anoints

annuled annulled

anomolies anomalies

anomolous anomalous

anomoly anomaly

anonimity anonymity

anounced announced

ansalisation nasalisation

ansalization nasalization

anthromorphization anthropomorphization

anual "annual" or "anal" - except "Anual" is a proper noun

anyhwere anywhere

anytying anything

Apenines Apennines

aparent apparent

aplication application

apolegetics apologetics

apon upon, apron

apparant apparent

appart apart

appartment apartment

appartments apartments

appealling "appealing" or "appalling"

appearence appearance

appearences appearances

Appenines Apennines

appologies apologies

appology apology

apprieciate appreciate

approachs approaches

appropiate appropriate

approximitely approximately

aproximately approximately

aquaintance acquaintance

aquainted acquainted

aquiantance acquaintance

aquire acquire

aquired acquired

aquiring acquiring

aquisition acquisition

aquitted acquitted

arangement arrangement

arbitary arbitrary

arbitarily arbitrarily

archaoelogy archeology, archaeology

archaology archeology, archaeology

archeaologist archeologist, archaeologist

archeaologists archeologists, archaeologists

archetect architect

archetects architects

archetecture architecture

archetectural architectural

archetecturally architecturally

Archimedian Archimedean

archtype archetype

archtypes archetypes

artical article

articel article

artifical artificial

artifically artificially

artillary artillery

asetic ascetic

aslo also

asociated associated

asorbed absorbed

assasin assassin - one S appears to be correct in Swedish crosslink

assasinate assassinate

assasinated assassinated

assasinates assassinates

assasination assassination

assasinations assassinations

assasins assassins

assemple assemble

assitant assistant

assymetric asymmetric

asteriod asteroid

asthetic aesthetic

asthetical aesthetical

asthetically aesthetically

atheistical atheistic

Athenean Athenian

Atheneans Athenians

atribute attribute

atributes attributes

attaindre attainder, attained

attemt attempt

attemted attempted

attemting attempting

attemts attempts

attendence attendance

attendent attendant

attendents attendants

attitide attitude

audeince audience

authobiographic autobiographic

authobiography autobiography

autoctonous autochthonous

autor author - but Autor in German

auxilliary auxiliary

avalable available

avaliable available

avation aviation

averageed averaged

awya away



bakc back

bandwith bandwidth

bankrupcy bankruptcy

baout "about" or "bout"

barbeque barbecue

basicly basically

basicaly basically

bcak back

beacuse because

beastiality bestiality

beatiful beautiful

beaurocracy bureaucracy

beautyfull beautiful

becasue because

becamae became

becomming becoming

becouse because

becuase because

befoer before

beggin begin, begging

begginer beginner

begginers beginners

beggining beginning

begginings beginnings

begining beginning

beginnig beginning

behavour behavior, behaviour

beleagured beleaguered

beleif belief

beleive believe

beleived believed

beleives believes

beleiving believing

belives believes, beliefs

beneficary beneficiary

benificial beneficial

benifit benefit

benifits benefits

bergamont bergamot

Bernouilli Bernoulli

beseige besiege

beseiged besieged

beseiging besieging

bilateraly bilaterally

binominal binomial

blaim blame

blaimed blamed

blessure blessing - unless it's an injury

Blitzkreig Blitzkrieg

boaut "bout" or "boat" or "about"

bondary boundary

Bonnano Bonanno

boundry boundary

Brasillian Brazilian

breakthough breakthrough

briliant brilliant

Britian Britain

Brittish British

broady broadly

buffalos buffaloes

buisness business

buring "burying" or "burning" or "burin" or "during"

busineses business, businesses

busness business



calender calendar, NB calender itself is a machine

caligraphy calligraphy

caluclate calculate

caluclated calculated

caluculate calculate

caluculated calculated

calulate calculate

calulated calculated

Cambrige Cambridge

campain campaign

campains campaigns

candadate candidate

cannister canister

cannisters canisters

cannonical canonical

cannotation connotation

cannotations connotations

cant cant or can't

caost coast

caperbility capability

Capetown Cape Town

carachter character

carcas carcass, Caracas

careing caring

carismatic charismatic

Carmalite Carmelite

carniverous carnivorous

Carribean Caribbean

Carthagian Carthaginian

carthographer cartographer

cartilege cartilage

cartilidge cartilage

cartrige cartridge

casion caisson

casette cassette

cassawory cassowary

cassowarry cassowary

casulaties casualties

casulaty casualty

catagories categories

catagory category

Cataline Catiline or Catalina

cathlic catholic

catterpilar caterpillar

catterpilars caterpillars

causalities casualties

Ceasar Caesar

Celcius Celsius

cemetarey cemetery

cemetaries cemeteries

cemetary cemetery, except for the heavy metal band

cencus census

censur censor, censure

centruies centuries

centruy century

ceratin certain, keratin

cerimonial ceremonial

cerimonies ceremonies

cerimonious ceremonious

cerimony ceremony

certainity certainty

cervial cervical, servile, serval

Champange Champagne

charachter character

charachters characters

charaterized characterized

charistics characteristics

chariman chairman

chasr chaser, chase

cheif chief

chemcial chemical

chemcially chemically

chemestry chemistry

chemicaly chemically

childbird childbirth

childrens children's

choosen chosen

ciricuit circuit

civillian civilian

claer clear

claerer clearer

claerly clearly

claimes claims sb. or vb.

clera clear, sclera

cleareance clearance

clincial clinical

clinicaly clinically

coform conform

colateral collateral

collectable collectible - OED has able as correct

collectables collectibles - OED has able as correct

collegue colleague

collegues colleagues

collonade colonnade

collonies colonies

collony colony

collosal colossal

colouration coloration

comander commander, commandeer

comando commando

comandos commandos

comback comeback noun

comision commission

comisioned commissioned

comisioner commissioner

comisioning commissioning

comisions commissions

comission commission

comissioned commissioned

comissioner commissioner

comissioning commissioning

comissions commissions

comited committed

comiting committing

comittee committee

comitted committed

comitting committing

commandoes commandos

commemerative commemorative

commericial commercial

commericially commercially

commision commission

commisioned commissioned

commisioner commissioner

commisioning commissioning

commisions commissions

commited committed

comming coming

committe committee

commitee committee

commiting committing

commmemorated commemorated

commongly commonly

communciation communication

comparision comparison

comparitive comparative

compatiblity compatibility

competance competence

competant competent

competion competition, completion

competive competitive

comphrehensive comprehensive

compitent competent

complier compiler

comprimise compromise

concensus consensus

concider consider

concidered considered

conciders considers

concious conscious

conciously consciously

conciousness consciousness

conquerer conqueror

conquerers conquerors

condemmed condemned

condidtion condition

condidtions conditions

confidental confidential

confidentally confidentially

congresional congressional

conived connived

conjecutre conjecture

Conneticut Connecticut

conscent consent

consdider consider

consdidered considered

consentrate concentrate

consentrated concentrated

consentrates concentrates

consept concept

consern concern

conserned concerned

conserning concerning

conservitive conservative

considerd considered

consituencies constituencies

consituency constituency

consitutional constitutional

constituional constitutional

consitution constitution

constituion constitution

consolodate consolidate

consolodated consolidated

consonent consonant

consonents consonants

consorcium consortium

constaints constraints

constanly constantly

constatn constant

constituant constituent

constituants constituents

constituion constitution

constituional constitutional

constuction construction

consumate consummate

consumated consummated

contaiminate contaminate

containes contains

contamporaries contemporaries

contamporary contemporary

contemporaneus contemporaneous, contemporary

continous continuous

continously continuously

continueing continuing

contravercial controversial

contraversy controversy

contributer contributor

contributers contributors

controled controlled

controling controlling

controll control

controlls controls

controvercial controversial

controvercy controversy

controveries controversies

controvery controversy

conveinent convenient

convenant covenant

convential conventional

convertion conversion

convertor converter

convertors converters

conveyer conveyor

convienient convenient

coordiantion coordination

coorperation cooperation

coorperation corporation

copywrite copyright - nb copywrite is valid for proofread

corosion corrosion

corparate corporate

correponding corresponding

correposding corresponding

correspondant correspondent

correspondants correspondents

corrispond correspond

corrispondant correspondent

corrispondants correspondents

corrisponding corresponding

corrisponded corresponded

corrisponds corresponds

costitution constitution

coudl could, cloud

could of could have

councellor councillor or counselor

councellors councillors or counselors

countains contains

coururier courier, couturier

coverted converted, covered, coveted

cpoy coy, copy

creaeted created

critereon criterion

criticists critics

critising criticising, criticizing

critisism criticism

critisisms criticisms

critisize criticise, criticize

critisized criticised, criticized

critisizes criticises, criticizes

critisizing criticising, criticizing

crucifiction crucifixion

crusies cruises

culiminating culminating

cumulatative cumulative

curch church

currenly currently

cxan cyan

Cyprian Cypriot but Cyprian as a personal name



dael deal, dial, dahl

damenor demeanor

Dardenelles Dardanelles

debateable debatable

decendant descendant

decendants descendants

decendents descendants

decideable decidable

decidely decidedly

decieved deceived

decomposit decompose

decomposits decomposes

decompositing decomposing

decomposited decomposed

decribe describe

decribed described

decribes describes

decribing describing

decypher decipher

decyphered deciphered

deffine define

deffined defined

definance defiance

definate definite

definately definitely

definatly definitely

definetly definitely

definit definite

definitly definitely

demenor demeanor

demographical demographic

denegrating denigrating

dependance dependence

dependancy dependency

dependant dependent

deram dram, dream -- but "Deram Records" is correct

deriviated derived

derogitory derogatory

desgined designed

descendent descendant

descendents descendants -- but the SST label band "The Descendents" is so spelled

descuss discuss

descision decision

descisions decisions

deside decide

desintegrated disintegrated

desintegration disintegration

desireable desirable

desparate desperate, disparate

despiration desperation

dessicated desiccated

dessigned designed

detailled detailed

detatched detached

detremental detrimental

determinining determining

develope develop

devolopement development

developped developed

devide divide

devided divided

diaster disaster

dicover discover

dicovered discovered

dicovers discovers

dicovering discovering

dicovery discovery

didnt didn't

diea idea, die

dieing dying, dyeing

dieties deities

diety deity

diferent different

diferrent different

diffrent different

dificulties difficulties

dificulty difficulty

dimenions dimensions

dimention dimension

dimentions dimensions

diphtong diphthong

diphtongs diphthongs

dipthong diphthong

dipthongs diphthongs

dirived derived

disaproval disapproval

disasterous disastrous

disatisfaction dissatisfaction

disatisfied dissatisfied

discontentment discontent

discribe describe

discribed described

discribes describes

discribing describing

disemination dissemination

disenchanged disenchanted

disolved dissolved

disobediance disobedience

disobediant disobedient

dispair despair

disparingly disparagingly

dispence dispense

dispenced dispensed

dispencing dispensing

dispicable despicable

dispite despite

disputandem disputandum

dissagreement disagreement

dissapear disappear

dissapeared disappeared

dissapearing disappearing

dissapears disappears

dissappear disappear

dissappears disappears

dissobediance disobedience

dissobediant disobedient

dissobedience disobedience

dissobedient disobedient

distingish distinguish

distingished distinguished

distingishes distinguishes

distingishing distinguishing

distructive destructive

diversed diverse, diverged

divice device

divison division

divisons divisions

doccument document

doccumented documented

doccuments documents

doens does

doesnt doesn't

doign doing

dominent dominant

dominiant dominant

donig doing

donut variant of doughnut

doub doubt, daub

dramtic dramatic

draughtman draughtsman

Dravadian Dravidian

dreasm dreams

driectly directly

drnik drink

druming drumming

dukeship dukedom

durring during

dyas dryas, dias



earnt earned

ecidious deciduous, insidious

eclispe eclipse

efel evil

effecient efficient

efficent efficient

effeciently efficiently

efficently efficiently

effulence effluence

efford effort, afford

effords efforts, affords

eigth eighth

electic eclectic, electric

electon election, electron

electrial electrical

electricly electrically

electricty electricity

eleminated eliminated

eleminating eliminating

eles Ellis

elicided elicited

eligable eligible

elimentary elementary

elphant elephant

embarras embarrass

embarrased embarrassed

embarrasing embarrassing

embarrasment embarrassment

embarass embarrass

embarassed embarrassed

embarassing embarrassing

embarassment embarrassment

embezelled embezzled

eminate emanate

emision emission

emited emitted

emiting emitting

emition emission, emotion

emmediately immediately

emmigrated emigrated

emminent eminent, imminent

emminently eminently

emmision emission

emmisarries emissaries

emmisarry emissary

emmisaries emissaries

emmisary emissary

emmited emitted

emmiting emitting

emmitted emitted

emmitting emitting

emnity enmity

emperical empirical

empirial empirical, imperial

emphysyma emphysema

enamoured enamoured, enamored

encryptiion encryption

endevour endeavour

endolithes endoliths

ened need

engeneer engineer

engeneering engineering

engieneer engineer

engieneers engineers

enlargment enlargement

enlargments enlargements

Enlish English, enlist

enourmous enormous

enourmously enormously

entrepeneur entrepreneur

entrepeneurs entrepreneurs

enviorment environment

enviormental environmental

enviormentally environmentally

enviorments environments

enviornment environment

enviornmental environmental

enviornmentalist environmentalist

enviornmentally environmentally

enviornments environments

enviroment environment

enviromental environmental

enviromentalist environmentalist

enviromentally environmentally

enviroments environments

enxt next

equilibium equilibrium

equilibrum equilibrium

equiped equipped

equippment equipment

equitorial equatorial

erally orally, really

eratic erratic

eraticly erratically

erested arrested, erected

esle else

esential essential

essencial essential

essense essence

essesital essential

essentual essential

ethose those, ethos

Europian European

Europians Europeans

Eurpean European

Eurpoean European

eveyr every

evidentally evidently

exagerate exaggerate

exagerated exaggerated

exagerates exaggerates

exagerating exaggerating

exagerrate exaggerate

exagerrated exaggerated

exagerrates exaggerates

exagerrating exaggerating

exampt exempt

excecute execute

excecuted executed

excecutes executes

excecuting executing

excecution execution

excedded exceeded

excell excel

excells excels

exelent excellent

exemple example

exerbate exacerbate

exerbated exacerbated

exerpt excerpt

exerpts excerpts

exerternal external

exhalted exalted

exibition exhibition

exibitions exhibitions

existance existence

existant existent

exmaple example

exoskelaton exoskeleton

expalin explain

expell expel

expells expels

exploititive exploitative

extered exerted

extint extinct, extant

extraterrestial extraterrestrial

extraterrestials extraterrestrials

extravagent extravagant

extremeophile extremophile

extrordinarily extraordinarily

extrordinary extraordinary

eyar year

eyars years, eyas

eyasr years



faciliate facilitate

faciliated facilitated

facinated fascinated

famoust famous, most famous

fanatism fanaticism

faught fought

feasable feasible

febuary february

feromone pheromone

fianlly finally

ficticious fictitious

fictious fictitious

fidn find

fiel feel, field, file, phial

fiels feels, fields, files, phials

filiament filament

finaly finally

financialy financially

firends friends

firts flirts, first

fleed fled, freed

Flemmish Flemish

florescent fluorescent

fluorish flourish

fonetic phonetic

fomr from, form

forbad forbade

forfiet forfeit

forhead forehead

foriegn foreign

Formalhaut Fomalhaut

formallize formalize

formallized formalized

formost foremost

forunner forerunner

foudn found

fougth fought

foundaries foundries

foundary foundry

Foundland Newfoundland

fourty forty

Fransiscan Franciscan

Fransiscans Franciscans

freind friend

fundametal fundamental

fundametals fundamentals

furuther further

funguses fungi

futhroc futhark



gae game, Gael, gale

Galations Galatians

garanteed guaranteed

gasses gases

gauarana guarana

gaurd guard, gourd

geneologies genealogies

geneology genealogy

generaly generally

genialia genitalia

gentlemens gentlemen's

geometrician geometer

geometricians geometers

gerat great

Ghandi Gandhi

godess goddess

godesses goddesses

Godounov Godunov

gogin going, Gauguin

goign going

gonig going

Gothenberg Gothenburg

Gottleib Gottlieb

gouvener governor

governer governor

goverment government

govermental governmental

govorment government

govormental governmental

graet great

grafitti graffiti

grammaticaly grammatically

gramatically grammatically

grammer grammar, except Kelsey Grammer

grat great

gratuitious gratuitous

greatful grateful

greatfully gratefully

greif grief

groupsex group sex

grwo grow

Guadulupe,Guaduloupe Guadalupe, Guadaloupe -- both exist

guage gauge

guarentee guarantee

guarenteed guaranteed

guarentees guarantees

Guatamala Guatemala

Guatamalan Guatemalan

guerrila guerilla, guerrilla -- both are correct

guerrilas guerillas, guerrillas -- both are correct

guidence guidance

Guilia Giulia

Guilio Giulio

guillemet guillemot - a bird

guillemot guillemet - French quotation mark

Guiness Guinness

Guiseppe Giuseppe

gunanine guanine

guranteed guaranteed

guttaral guttural

gutteral guttural



habaeus habeas, latin as in habeas corpus

habeus habeas, latin as in habeas corpus

habitant inhabitant; but habitant ok in French

habitants inhabitants; but habitants ok in French

Habsbourg Habsburg

hace hare

haev have, heave

Hallowean Hallowe'en

hapen happen

hapened happened

happended happened

hapening happening

harased harassed

harases harasses

harasment harassment

harasments harassments

harras harass

harrasing harassing

harrased harassed

harrases harasses

harrasment harassment

harrasments harassments

harrassing harass

harrassed harassed

harrasses harassed

harrassment harassment

harrassments harassments

hasnt hasn't

headquater headquarter

headquatered headquartered

headquaters headquarters

heared heard

Heidelburg Heidelberg

heigher higher

heirarchy hierarchy

heiroglyphics hieroglyphics

hemmorhage hemorrhage

herad heard, Hera

heroe hero

heros heroes

heterogenous heterogeneous is more correct, but both are acceptable

hieght height

hierachical hierarchical

hierachies hierarchies

hierachy hierarchy

hierarcical hierarchical

hierarcy hierarchy

hieroglph hieroglyph

hieroglphs hieroglyphs

higer higher

higest highest

hinderence hindrance

hindrence hindrance

helpfull helpful

hipopotamus hippopotamus

hismelf himself

histocompatability histocompatibility

homogeneize homogenize

homogeneized homogenized

honory honorary

horrifing horrifying

housr hours, house

howver however

hten then, hen, the

htere there, here

htey they

hting thing

htikn think

htink think

htis this

humer humour

humerous humorous, humourous, humerus

humoural humoral

humourous This is not incorrect, just an alternative to humourous

hvae have

hvea have, heave

hvaing having

hwihc which

hwile while

hwole whole

hydropile hydrophile

hydropilic hydrophilic

hydropobe hydrophobe

hydropobic hydrophobic

hygeine hygiene

hypocracy hypocrisy

hypocrasy hypocrisy

hypocricy hypocrisy

hypocrit hypocrite

hypocrits hypocrites



iconclastic iconoclastic

idae idea

idaes ideas

idealogies ideologies

idealogy ideology

identicial identical

ideosyncratic idiosyncratic

idesa ideas, ides

Ihaca Ithaca

illegimacy illegitimacy

illegitmate illegitimate

illution illusion

ilogical illogical

imagenary imaginary

imagin imagine

imaginery imaginary, imagery

imanent eminent, imminent

imediately immediately

imense immense

immidately immediately

immidiately immediately

imigrant emigrant, immigrant

imigrated emigrated, immigrated

imigration emigration, immigration

iminent eminent, imminent, or immanent, depending on meaning

immediatley immediately

immitate imitate

immitated imitated

immitating imitating

immitator imitator

immunosupressant immunosuppressant

impedence impedance

improvision improvisation

inaccessable inaccessible

inappropiate inappropriate

inaugures inaugurates

inbalance imbalance

inbalanced imbalanced

incidently incidentally

incompatiblity incompatibility

incompetance incompetence

incompetant incompetent

incorperation incorporation

incorruptable incorruptible

increadible incredible

incredable incredible

inctroduced introduced

inctroduce introduce

incunabla incunabula

indefinately indefinitely

indefinitly indefinitely

independance independence, but -ance is correct in French, so be careful with New Caledonia

independant independent

independantly independently

indepedantly independently

independece independence

indipendent independent

indipendently independently

indispensible indispensable

indisputibly indisputably

indisputible indisputable

indite indict

indpendently independently

indpendent independent

indulgue indulge

indutrial industrial

inevatible inevitable

inevitible inevitable

infectuous infectious

infilitrate infiltrate

infilitrated infiltrated

infinit infinite

infomation information

inflamation inflammation

influencial influential

influented influenced

ingreediants ingredients

inheritage heritage or inheritance

initation initiation

inmigrant immigrant

inmigrants immigrants

inocence innocence

inot into

inpeach impeach

inpolite impolite

inprisonment imprisonment

insistance insistence

insitution institution

insitutions institutions

inspite in spite

instade instead

instatance instance

intelectual intellectual

inteligence intelligence

inteligent intelligent

interbread interbreed or interbred

interchangably interchangeably

interelated interrelated

intergrated integrated

intergration integration

internation international

interpet interpret

interrugum interregnum

intertaining entertaining

interupt interrupt

intrest interest

intutive intuitive

intutively intuitively

inumerable enumerable, innumerable

inventer inventor

invertibrates invertebrates

involvment involvement

irelevent irrelevant

iresistable irresistible

iresistably irresistibly

iresistible irresistible

iresistibly irresistibly

iritable irritable

iritated irritated

ironicly ironically

irregardless regardless

irresistable irresistible

irresistably irresistibly

isnt isn't

Israelies Israelis

iwll will

iwth with



Japanes Japanese

Jaques Jacques - except in Shakespeare

jeapardy jeopardy

Johanine Johannine

Jospeh Joseph

journies journeys

jstu just

jsut just

Juadaism Judaism

Juadism Judaism

judical judicial

judisuary judiciary



kindergarden kindergarten

km2 km²

knowlege knowledge

knowlegeable knowledgeable

knowledgable knowledgeable

konw know

konws knows

knwo know

knwos knows

kwno know



labatory lavatory

labled labelled

labratory laboratory

laguage language

laguages languages

lavae larvae

layed laid

leaded led -- except in certain technical senses

leanr lean, learn, leaner

legitamate legitimate

Leibnitz Leibniz philosopher

lenght length

leran learn

lerans learns

leutenant lieutenant

levetate levitate

levetated levitated

levetates levitates

levetating levitating

levle level

liason liaison, Mara Liasson

libary library

libguistic linguistic

libguistics linguistics

libell libel

lible libel, liable

licenced licensed

licencing licensing

lief life, leaf

lieing lying

liek like

liekd liked

liesure leisure

lightyear light year

lightyears light years

Likabitos Mt. Lykabettos

likelyhood likelihood

Linnaena Linnaean

Lippizaner Lipizzaner

liquify liquefy

lisence licence or license

lisense licence or license

litature literature

literture literature

littel little

liuke like

livley lively

loev love

lonelyness loneliness

lonley lonely

lonly lonely, only

loosing losing

Lotharingen Lothringen

lsat last

Lukid Likud

lveo love

lvoe love

Lybia Libya



magolia magnolia

maintainance maintenance

maintainence maintenance

maintance maintenance

maintenence maintenance

maintioned mentioned

maked marked, made

makse makes

Malcom Malcolm - but "Malcom" may be right in some cases

maltesian Maltese

mamal mammal

mamalian mammalian

managment management

manoeuverability maneuverability, manoeuvrability

manouver maneuver, manoeuvre

manouvers maneuvers, manoeuvres

manouverability maneuverability, manoeuvrability

manouverable maneuverable, manoeuvrable

manuever maneuver, manoeuvre

manuevers maneuvers, manoeuvres

manufature manufacture

manufatured manufactured

manufaturing manufacturing

marjority majority

marketting marketing

marraige marriage

marrage marriage

marryied married

Massachussets Massachusetts

Massachussetts Massachusetts

massmedia mass media

mathamatics mathematics

matheticians mathematicians

mathmatician mathematician

mathmaticians mathematicians

mear wear, mere, mare

medacine medicine

medeival medieval, mediaeval

mediciney mediciny

Mediteranean Mediterranean

meerkrat meerkat

memeber member

membranaphone membranophone

meranda veranda, Miranda

messanger messenger

metalic metallic

metalurgic metallurgic

metalurgical metallurgical

metalurgy metallurgy

metamorphysis metamorphosis

Michagan Michigan

midwifes midwives

mileau milieu

milennia millennia

milennium millennium

mileu milieu

millenia millennia

millenium millennium

millepede millipede

millitary military

minature miniature

miniscule minuscule

ministery ministry

miscelaneous miscellaneous

miscellanous miscellaneous

miscellanious miscellaneous

mischeivous mischievous

mischevious mischievous

mischievious mischievous

misile missile

misdameanor misdemeanor

misdameanors misdemeanors

misdemenor misdemeanor

misdemenors misdemeanors

mispelling misspelling

Misouri Missouri

Missisipi Mississippi

Missisippi Mississippi

missen mizzen

missle missile, missel thrush

mistery mystery

misterious mysterious

misteryous mysterious

mkae make

mkaes makes

mkaing making

mkea make

modle model

moent moment

moeny money

Mohammedan Muslim

Mohammedans Muslims

moil mohel

monestaries monasteries

monestary monastery, monetary

monolite monolithic

Monserrat Montserrat

montypic monotypic

morgage mortgage

motiviated motivated

movei movie

mroe more

mucuous mucous

muder murder

mudering murdering

Muhammadan Muslim

muncipalities municipalities

muncipality municipality

muscels mussels, muscles

myraid myriad

mysef myself

mysogyny misogyny

mysogynist misogynist

mysterous mysterious

Mythraic Mithraic



Napoleonian Napoleonic

naturaly Natural

naturely Natural

naturually Natural

naturual natural

Nazereth Nazareth

neccessary necessary

neccessarily necessarily

neccesary necessary

neccesarily necessarily

necesary necessary

necesarily necessarily

neglible negligible

negligable negligible

negociate negotiate

negociation negotiation

negotation negotiation

neice niece, nice

neigbour neighbour or neighbor

neigbouring neighbouring or neighboring

neigbours neighbours or neighbors

nessasarily necessarily

Newyorker New Yorker

nickle nickel

nineth ninth

ninteenth nineteenth

ninty ninety

nkow know

nkwo know

noone no one, except in Noone, New Hampshire

northen northern

northereastern northeastern

noteable notable

noteably notably

noteriety notoriety

noth north

nothern northern

noticable noticeable

noticeing noticing

noticible noticeable

noveau nouveau

nto not

nucular nuclear

nuculear nuclear

nuisanse nuisance

Nullabour Nullarbor

Nuremburg Nuremberg

nusance nuisance

nutritent nutrient

nutritents nutrients



obediance obedience

obediant obedient

obstacal obstacle

ocasion occasion

ocasional occasional

ocasionally occasionally

ocasionaly occasionally

ocasioned occasioned

ocasions occasions

ocassion occasion

ocassional occasional

ocassionally occasionally

ocassioned occasioned

ocassions occasions

occassion occasion

occassional occasional

occassionally occasionally

occassionaly occasionally

occassioned occasioned

occassions occasions

occurance occurrence

occurances occurrences

occured occurred

occurence occurrence

occurences occurrences

occuring occurring

occurr occur

occurrance occurrence

occurrances occurrences

octohedra octahedra

octohedral octahedral

octohedron octahedron

ocuntry country

ocuntries countries

ocurr occur

ocurrance occurrence

ocurred occurred

ocurrence occurrence

offical official

officaly officially

offically officially

officialy officially

oging going, ogling

omision omission

omited omitted

omiting omitting

ommision omission

ommited omitted

ommiting omitting

ommitted omitted

ommitting omitting

omniverous omnivorous

omniverously omnivorously

omre more

onot note, not

onyl only

oponent opponent

oportunity opportunity

oposite opposite

oposition opposition

opression oppression

opressive oppressive

oppinion opinion

opthalmic ophthalmic

opthalmologist ophthalmologist

opthalmology ophthalmology

opthamologist ophthalmologist

optomism optimism

organim organism

orgin origin, organ

orginal original, orignal

orginize organise

originaly originally

originnally originally

origional original

orignally originally

otehr other

overshaddowed overshadowed

overwelming overwhelming

owrk work

owudl would

oxigen oxygen

oximoron oxymoron



paide paid

palce place, palace

paliamentarian parliamentarian

Palistian Palestinian

Palistinian Palestinian

Palistinians Palestinians

pamplet pamphlet

pantomine pantomime

Papanicalou Papanicolaou

paralel parallel

paralell parallel

paralelly parallelly

paralely parallelly

parallely parallelly

paranthesis parenthesis

paraphenalia paraphernalia

parituclar particular

parrakeets parakeets

parralel parallel

parrallel parallel

parrallell parallel

parrallelly parallelly

parrallely parallelly

particularily particularly

pased passed

pasttime pastime

pastural pastoral

pattented patented

payed paid

peculure peculiar

peice piece

Peloponnes Peloponnesus

penatly penalty

penninsula peninsula

penninsular peninsular or peninsula

pennisula peninsula

peom poem

peoms poems

peopel people

peotry poetry

percepted perceived

percieved perceived

performence performance

performes performed, performs

perhasp perhaps

perheaps perhaps

perhpas perhaps

peripathetic peripatetic

perjery perjury

perjorative pejorative

permenant permanent

permissable permissible

perogative prerogative

perpindicular perpendicular

perphas perhaps, purpose

persistance persistence

persistant persistent

personel personnel

personel personal

personell personnel

personnell personnel

persue pursue

persuing pursuing

persuit pursuit

pertubation perturbation

pertubations perturbations

petetion petition

pessiary pessary

phenomenonal phenomenal

phenomenonly phenomenal, phenomenally

phenomonenon phenomenon

phenonmena phenomena

Philipines Philippines

philisopher philosopher

philisophical philosophical

philisophy philosophy

Phillipine Philippine

Phillipines Philippines

Phillippines Philippines

Phonecian Phoenecian

phongraph phonograph

pich pitch

pilgrimmage pilgrimage

pilgrimmages pilgrimages

pinapple pineapple

pinnaple pineapple

plantiff plaintiff

planed planned; but valid if it means "made flat"

playwrite playwright

playwrites playwrights

plesant pleasant

Poincare Poincaré

poisin poison

polinator pollinator

polinators pollinators

polute pollute

poluted polluted

polutes pollutes

poluting polluting

polution pollution

polysaccharid polysaccharide

polysaccaride polysaccharide

pomegranite pomegranate

popularaty popularity

Portugese Portuguese

posess possess

posessed possessed

posesses possesses

posessing possessing

posession possession

positon position, positron

possable possible

possably possibly

posseses possesses

possesion possession

possesing possessing

possibilty possibility

possition position

postion position

powerfull powerful

practial practical

practially practically

practicaly practically

practicioner practitioner

practicioners practitioners

practicly practically

prairy prairie

preample preamble

precedessor predecessor

preceed precede

preceeded preceded

preceeding preceding

preceeds precedes

precurser precursor

prefered preferred

prefering preferring

preferrably preferably

pregancies pregnancies

premeire premiere

premeired premiered

premillenial premillennial

premission permission

Premonasterians Premonstratensians

prepair prepare

prepartion preparation

presense presence

presidental presidential

prestigeous prestigious

prestigous prestigious

presumibly presumably

prevelant prevalent

previvous previous

pricipal principal

priciple principle

primative primitive

primatives primitives

primatively primitively


priveledges privileges

privelege privilege

priveleged privileged

priveleges privileges

privelige privilege

priveliged privileged

priveliges privileges

privilage privilege

priviledge privilege

priviledges privileges

privledge privilege

probablly probably

probalibity probability

probaly probably

probelm problem

proccess process

proccessing processing

procedger procedure

procede proceed

proceded proceeded

procedes proceedes

proceding proceeding

procedings proceedings

proceedure procedure

proclamed proclaimed

proclaming proclaiming

proclomation proclamation

profesion profusion, profession

profesor professor

proffesion profession

proffesor professor

profilic prolific

programable programmable

progrom pogrom, program

progroms pogroms, programs

prohabition prohibition

prologomena prolegomena

prominance prominence

prominant prominent

prominantly prominently

prominately prominently, predominately

promiscous promiscuous

pronomial pronominal

pronounciation pronunciation, but OK in Pittsburgh accent

propellor propeller

propellors propellers

prophacy prophecy

propietary proprietary

propoganda propaganda

propogate propagate

propogates propagates

propotions proportions

propper proper, unless it props something

proprietory proprietary

proseletyzing proselytizing

protaganist protagonist

protaganists protagonists

protem pro tem, protein

protrayed portrayed

protruberance protuberance

protruberances protuberances

provded provided

pseudonyn pseudonym

pseudononymous pseudonymous

psycology psychology

psyhic psychic

publically publicly

Pucini Puccini composer

pumkin pumpkin

purposedly purposely

pursuade persuade

pursuaded persuaded

pursuades persuades

pususading persuading

puting putting

pwoer power

pyscic psychic



qtuie quite, quiet

quantaty quantity

quantitiy quantity

quarantaine quarantine

quicklyu quickly

quizes quizzes

qutie quite, quiet



rabinnical rabbinical

radify ratify

rarified rarefied

raelly really

reacll recall

realy really

realyl really

reccomend recommend

reccomended recommended

reccomending recommending

reccommend recommend

reccommended recommended

reccommending recommending

reccuring recurring

receeded receded

receeding receding

recepient recipient

recepients recipients

recide reside

recided resided

recident resident

recidents residents

reciding residing

reciept receipt

recieve receive

recieved received

reciever receiver

recievers receivers

recieves receives

recieving receiving

recipiant recipient

recipiants recipients

recogise recognise

recogize recognize

recomend recommend

recomended recommended

recomending recommending

recomends recommends

reconcilation reconciliation

reconaissance reconnaissance

reconnaissence reconnaissance

recquired required

recrational recreational

recrod record

rediculous ridiculous

referal referral

refered referred

refering referring

referrence reference

referrs refers

reffered referred

refference reference

refridgerator refrigerator

refusla refusal

regluar regular

reguarly regularly

regularily regularly

rehersal rehearsal

reknown renown

reknowned renowned

rela real

relaly really

relatiopnship relationship

relativly relatively

releive relieve

releived relieved

relevence relevance

relevent relevant

religeous religious

religous religious

relized realised

remeber remember

rememberance remembrance

remembrence remembrance

reminent remnant

reminescent reminiscent

repatition repetition, repartition

repentence repentance

repentent repentant

repetion repetition

reponse response, but réponse is correct in French

reponsible responsible

representive representative

representives representatives

resemblence resemblance

resignement resignment

resistable resistible

resistence resistance

resistent resistant

responce response

responnsibilty responsibility

ressemblance resemblance

ressemble resemble

ressembled resembled

ressemblence resemblance

ressembling resembling

ressurection resurrection

restaraunt restaurant

restaraunteur restauranteur

restaraunteurs restauranteurs

restaraunts restaurants

restauration restoration

resteraunt restaurant

resteraunts restaurants

restraunt restraint, restaurant

resurecting resurrecting

retalitated retaliated

retalitation retaliation

revaluated reevaluated

reversable reversible

revolutionar revolutionary

rewriet rewrite

rhymme rhyme

rhythem rhythm

rhythim rhythm

rigeur rigueur, rigour, rigor

rigourous rigorous

rininging ringing

Rockerfeller Rockefeller

rococco rococo

roomate roommate

rougly roughly

russina Russian

Russion Russian

rulle rule

rwite write

rythm rhythm

rythem rhythm

rythim rhythm



sacrafice sacrifice

saftey safety

salery salary

sandwhich sandwich

Sanhedrim Sanhedrin

sargant sergeant

sasy says, sassy

satelite satellite

satelites satellites

Saterday Saturday

Saterdays Saturdays

sattelite satellite

sattelites satellites

scaleable scalable

schedual schedule

scholarstic scholastic, scholarly

Schroedinger Schrödinger

scirpt script

scoll scroll


secceeded seceded, succeeded

seceed succeed, secede

seceeded succeeded, seceded

secratary secretary

secretery secretary

sedereal sidereal

seige siege

sence sense

sensure censure

seperate separate

seperated separated

seperately separately

seperates separates

seperating separating

seperation separation

sepina subpoena

sepulchure sepulchre or sepulcher

sepulcre sepulchre or sepulcher

severeal several

severley severely

shaddow shadow

shamen shamans -- but the band is called The Shamen

sheat "sheath" or "sheet" or "cheat"

sherif sheriff -- but correct in Arabian names

shineing shining

shoudl should

shoudln should, shouldn't

shouldnt shouldn't

sicne since

sideral sidereal

sieze seize, size

siezed seized, sized

siezing seizing, sizing

siezure seizure

siezures seizures

signifantly significantly

significently significantly

signitories signatories

signitory signatory

similarily similarly

similiar similar

similiarity similarity

simmilar similar

simpley simply

simplier simpler

simultanous simultaneous

sincerley sincerely

singsog singsong

sinse sines, since

Sionist Zionist

Sionists Zionists

Sixtin Sistine

Skagerak Skagerrak

smae same

smoe some

snese sneeze

soem some

sohw show

solatary solitary

soliders soldiers

soliliquy soliloquy

sophicated sophisticated

sophmore sophomore

sotry story

sotyr satyr, story


soudns sounds

sould could, should, sold


sourth south

sourthern southern

souvenier souvenir

souveniers souvenirs

soverign sovereign

soverignity sovereignty

sovereignity sovereignty

spainish Spanish

speach speech

specif specific, specify

speciallized specialised, specialized

speciman specimen

spectauclar spectacular

spects aspects, expects

spermatozoan spermatozoon sing., spermatozoa plur.

sponser sponsor

spontanous spontaneous

sponzored sponsored

spreaded spread

sq km km²

stange strange - unless it's a German bar

startegic strategic

startegy strategy

statment statement

stilus stylus

stingent stringent

stoyr story


storeis stories

storise stories

strnad strand - unless the first name is Janez

stpo stop

strat start, strata

startegies strategies

stradegies strategies

stradegy strategy

strenghen strengthen

strenghened strengthened

strenghening strengthening

strenght strength

strenghten strengthen

strenghtened strengthened

strenghtening strengthening

stornegst strongest

strenous strenuous

strictist strictest

strived strove, striven

stroy story, destroy

stubborness stubbornness

stucture structure

stuctured structured

studdy study

subcatagory subcategory

subcatagories subcategories

subsidary subsidiary

subsiduary subsidiary

substatial substantial

substace substance

substract subtract

substracted subtracted

substracts subtracts

substracting subtracting

substraction subtraction

subterranian subterranean

subtheme sub-theme

subthemes sub-themes

succesful successful

succesfuly successfully

succesfully successfully

succesion succession

succesive successive

successfull successful

suceed succeed

suceeded succeeded

suceeding succeeding

suceeds succeeds

sucesful successful

sucesfully successfully

sucesfuly successfully

sucesion succession

sucess success

sucesses successes

sucessfull successful

sucessfully successfully

sucessfuly successfully

sucession succession

sucessive successive

sufferage suffrage

sufficent sufficient

sufficently sufficiently

sumary summary

suop soup

supercede supersede

superceded superseded

superintendant superintendent

suphisticated sophisticated

supose suppose

suposed supposed

suposedly supposedly

suposes supposes

suposing supposing

supress suppress

supressed suppressed

supresses suppresses

supressing suppressing

suprise surprise

suprised surprised

suprising surprising

suprisingly surprisingly

suprize surprise

suprized surprised

suprizing surprising

suprizingly surprisingly

surley surly, surely

suround surround

surounded surrounded

surounding surrounding

suroundings surroundings

surounds surrounds

surplanted supplanted

surpressed suppressed

surprize surprise

surprized surprised

surprizing surprising

surprizingly surprisingly

surrended surrounded, surrendered

surrepetitious surreptitious

surrepetitiously surreptitiously

surreptious surreptitious

surreptiously surreptitiously

surveill surveil

surveyer surveyor

surviver survivor

survivers survivors

suseptible susceptible

swaer swear

swaers swears

swiming swimming

syas says

symetry symmetry

symetrical symmetrical

symetrically symmetrically

symmetral symmetric

symmetricaly symmetrically

synonomous synonymous

syphyllis syphilis

syrap syrup



tahn than

taht that

tath that

talekd talked

targetted targeted

targetting targeting

tast taste

tattooes tattoos

taxanomic taxonomic

taxanomy taxonomy

teached taught

techician technician

techicians technicians

tehy they

temparate temperate

temperment temperament

temperture temperature

tenacle tentacle

tenacles tentacles

tendancy tendency

tendancies tendencies

tennisplayer tennis player

terrestial terrestrial

terriories territories

terriory territory

territorist terrorist

thgat that

tghe the

theather theater or theatre

theese these

theif thief

theives thieves

themselfs themselves

theologist variant of theologian

ther there, their, the

theri their

thge the

thier their

thign thing

thigns things

thigsn things

thikn think

thikns thinks

thikning thinking, thickening

thiunk think

thna than

thne then

thnig thing

thnigs things

threee three

threshhold threshold

thrid third

throughly thoroughly

throught through, throughout

thru through

thsi this

thsoe those

thta that

tiem time, Tim

tihkn think

tihs this

timne time

tiome time, tome

tje the

tjhe the

Tjpanishad Upanishad

tkae take

tkaes takes

tkaing taking

tlaking talking

tobbaco tobacco

todays today's

todya today

tolerence tolerance

tomatos tomatoes

tommorrow tomorrow

tommorow tomorrow

tongiht tonight

toriodal toroidal

tornados tornadoes

torpedos torpedoes

tourch torch, touch

towrad toward

traditionaly traditionally

trafficed trafficked

trafic traffic

trancendent transcendent

trancending transcending

transcendance transcendence

transcendant transcendent

transcendentational transcendental

transcripting transcribing, transcription

transending transcending

transfered transferred

transfering transferring

translater translator

translaters translators

transmissable transmissible

tremelo tremolo -- but there is a Belgian city of this name

tremelos tremolos

triology trilogy

troups "troupes" or "troops"

truely truly

turnk turnkey, trunk

twon town


tyhe they

tyranies tyrannies

tyrany tyranny

tyrranies tyrannies

tyrrany tyranny



ubiquitious ubiquitous

uise use

Ukranian Ukrainian

uncertainity uncertainty

unconcious unconscious

unconciousness unconsciousness

unconvential unconventional

unecessary unnecessary

undecideable undecidable

unforetunately unfortunately

unforgiveable unforgivable

unfortunatly unfortunately

unilatreal unilateral

unilatreally unilaterally

univeristies universities

univeristy university

univesities universities

univesity university

unmanouverable unmaneuverable, unmanoeuvrable

unmistakeably unmistakably

unneccesary unnecessary

unneccesarily unnecessarily

unneccessary unnecessary

unneccessarily unnecessarily

unnecesary unnecessary

unnecesarily unnecessarily

unoticeable unnoticeable

unplesant unpleasant

unrepentent unrepentant

unsed used, unused, unsaid

unsubstanciated unsubstantiated

unsuccessfull unsuccessful

unsucesful unsuccessful

unsucesfuly unsuccessfully

unsucessfull unsuccessful

unsucessfully unsuccessfully

unsuprised unsurprised

unsuprising unsurprising

unsuprisingly unsurprisingly

unsuprized unsurprised

unsuprizing unsurprising

unsuprizingly unsurprisingly

unsurprized unsurprised

unsurprizing unsurprising

unsurprizingly unsurprisingly

untied OK for knots, or meaning "not tied", but is also a common typo for "united"

untill until

untranslateable untranslatable

unuseable unusable

unweildly unwieldy

unwieldly unwieldy

usally usually

useable usable

useage usage, use

usefull useful

usefuly usefully

useing using

usualy usually



vaccum vacuum

vaccume vacuum

vacinity vicinity

Valetta Valletta in Malta

valuble valuable

valueable valuable

varities varieties

varity variety

vasall vassall

vasalls vassalls

vegtable vegetable

vegatarian vegetarian

vegitable vegetable

vegitables vegetables

venemous venomous

vengance vengeance

verfication verification

vetween between

veyr very

vigeur vigueur, vigour, vigor

vigilence vigilance

vigourous vigorous

villian villain

villify vilify

villin villi, villain, villein

visable visible

visably visibly

visting visiting

volcanoe volcano

volcanos volcanoes

volontary voluntary

volonteer volunteer

volonteers volunteers

volonteered volunteered

volonteering volunteering

volounteer volunteer

volounteers volunteers

volounteered volunteered

volounteering volunteering

vrey very

vyer very

vyre very



waht what

wanna want to

warrent warrant

wasnt wasn't

wass was

watn want

weaponary weaponry

wehn when

weild "wield" or "wild"

weilded wielded

wendsay Wednesday

wensday Wednesday

wether weather, whether - unless it's a sheep

whcih which

whereever wherever

whic which

whihc which

wholy "wholly" or "holy"

whta what

wich which, witch

wief wife

wierd weird

wiht with

wintery wintry

wirting writing

withdrawl withdrawal, withdraw

withing within

wiull will

wont wont or won't

wnat want

wnats wants

wnated wanted

wohle whole

wokr work

wokring working

womens women's

worstened worsened

woudl would

wriet write

writen written

wrok work

wroking working

wroet wrote

ws was but valid as country code WS +

wtih with

witht with


Wurtemburg Württemberg

Wurttemburg Württemberg





yeild yield

ytou you

yera year

yeras years

yersa years

yeasr years