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To control the PC I designed an adjusted mouse. Now you don't click with the tip of your finger, but by bending the finger. This spares me a lot of unwanted mouse-clicks and helps me to position the hand on the mouse.

The ridge is made of plexiglass and is easily shaped with a file. When heated (with a paint stripper), it can be bended to the shape of the mouse. Fixate it with two tiny bolts and nuts.


On the pictures you can see the third version. The first version was just a flat ridge you could rest your fingertips on. The second one was much higher. It had two holes in the plexiglass, you could put your fingers through. This was no good, so after the top half was sawed of, the current, third version was created. And I don't think this will be last, because the middle 'leg' is to high for easy control of the mouse wheel...